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NOTE: A.L. Ward has been a professional hypnotist since early 1956. In August of 2015, at a hypnotist conference in Las Vegas Nevada, he was promoted as being the oldest hypnotist in the world. At this time, 2018, there has been no claim or challenge to this honor.

A.L. Ward, author of "The Inner Mind", "The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul", "Heaven, The Road Back Home", "Phenomenal Expressions of Hypnotism" and "You Will Reap What You Sow", is a highly acclaimed experienced Hypnotist, Healer and Instructor with a 56-year track record. His contribution to a massive research project proved that hypnosis corrected 'non-medically responsive' health problems and that a universally consistent pattern of negative emotions caused the physical deficiencies.

He was born in Tarkio, Missouri, on April 14, 1923. He was educated in schools in Nebraska and California. He served with the Navy on the aircraft carrier Intrepid from 1944-1945. On returning home he obtained a commercial pilots license with a flight instructors rating. He joined the San Bernardino California Police Department in 1955 and retired in 1980. Following retirement he earned a California State College teaching credential in Law Enforcement Forensic Investigation from 1982-1987.

A police investigation led him to several years of study with a master hypnotist, and he was one of the first to use this science in police service. He has lectured on hypnosis, regression therapy, and other mind dynamics at schools, colleges, service clubs and private organizations, and has appeared several times on television. In 1996 the National Guild of Hypnotists honored him with the Ormond McGill award for presenter of the year and is Board Certified. In 2003, the International Hypnosis Federation presented him with an Award of Excellence. In 2006, they presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

He was selected to assist in the Parks Research and Education Project from 1977 through 1980. This research explored the use of hypnosis in documented medical problems that were not responding to orthodox medical procedures. From this research he developed a method of exploring the origin, cause, and the solution of any physical, emotional or spiritual deficiency in a matter of minutes.

His most recent Honor:

The Order of Braid, which he was honored to receive in 2011, is an international honor society for hypnotism named after the 19th century Scottish surgeon who first devised the word “hypnotism.” Persons are inducted into the Order of Braid in recognition of a lifetime of service to professional hypnotism.

His memberships include:

The International Hypnosis Federation, The National Guild of Hypnotists, The American Council of Hypnotists Examiners, International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis. He is a charter life member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc.

By using my method of hypnotic therapy, I promote that any emotional or physical deficiency of the human body can be fully evaluated as to its origin, cause, and solution in one session of less than one hour. The case histories and testimonials listed in my books will support and confirm this statement.

Below are listed numerous medical problems that have been resolved, often in one session of less than 1 hour, by my method of hypnotic regression therapy.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis, brain damage.
  2. Myasthenia Gravis, nerve problem of the eye resolved in 14 minutes.
  3. Removal of a dead disk from the spine after 25 years of pain and restriction. Spiritual assistance.
  4. Replacement of cartilage on the hip socket, Spiritual assistance.
  5. Removal of a tumor on the mid-spine, medically confirmed before and after the session.
  6. Diabetes. 70 to 100 units of insulin used daily for 8 years. Gone after one session.
  7. Clogged heart artery.
  8. Silicone poisoning after ruptured breast implant.
  9. 1 1/4 inch calcium bone spur removed from a foot , medically confirmed before and after a session.
10. and many more are listed in my 5 books.

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